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 3CX FREE VOIP Phone for Windows 6.0
3CX FREE VOIP Phone for Windows
Free VOIP Phone. Use your PC as a phone. Works with any SIP/ VOIP provider.
Publisher: 3CX Ltd - 2008-07-28
Type: Freeware
Price: 0 $
 3CX Phone System for Windows Free 8.0
3CX Phone System for Windows Free
FREE VoIP PBX: 3CX Phone system for Windows. No timeouts or limitations
Publisher: 3CX Ltd - 2010-02-08
Type: Freeware
Price: 0 $
 4PSA VoipNow Express 1.6.2
4PSA VoipNow Express
Free Linux IP PBX server software for hosted PBX services and enterprise PBX
Publisher: Rack-Soft SRL - 2008-06-08
Type: Freeware
Price: 0 $
 ABLD-TkBill 2.01
/> Agfeo, Telefon, Gebühren, Telefonkosten, Telefonanlage, Auswertung, Berechnung , Kostenberechnung,
Publisher: ABLD-Beratung Anton Langwieser - 2010-01-27
Type: Demo
Price: 0 $
 Active Caller ID 3.3.1
Active Caller ID
Caller ID detection software that will turn your PC into a Caller ID device
Publisher: SoftRM - 2009-02-26
Type: Shareware
Price: 19.95 $
 Advanced Phone Recorder 2.5.3
Advanced Phone Recorder
A call recorder and answering machine software using your voice modem.
Publisher: Concel Systems - 2010-01-04
Type: Shareware
Price: 45 $
 All Mobile 5.78
All Mobile
Download MP3 songs, albums, movies, games, tv series, videos and digital books.
Publisher: - 2009-11-01
Type: Freeware
Price: 0 $
 Antair BlackBerry Call Screener 2.0
Antair BlackBerry Call Screener
The best call screeer application for your BlackBerry handheld device.
Publisher: Antair Corporation - 2008-12-04
Type: Shareware
Price: 49.95 $
 Ascendis Caller ID
Ascendis Caller ID
track, announce, and block incoming phone calls with sounds, speech and more
Publisher: Ascendis Software - 2010-04-23
Type: Commercial
Price: 49.95 $
 Atelier Web SMS Pro 1.0
Atelier Web SMS Pro
GSM SMS messages from your computer using modem.
Publisher: AtelierWeb Software - 2002-07-15
Type: Shareware
Price: 24.95 $
 Audio Caller ID 3.0
Audio Caller ID
Audio Caller ID and Call Management
Publisher: Beiley Software - 2009-11-28
Type: Shareware
Price: 24.95 $
 Axon Business Virtual PBx System 2.16
Virtual IP PBX VoIP Software for Windows PCs
Publisher: NCH Software - 2010-07-08
Type: Shareware
Price: 129 $
 BocaEnBoca Bluehacking 0.9
BocaEnBoca Bluehacking
Private free private messages, photos, videos for Bluetooth Mobile Cell Phones
Publisher: Aplicaciones Moviles BocaEnBoca, S.L.U. - 2007-02-07
Type: Freeware
Price: 0 $
 CallerRM 1.2.1
CallerRM - Telephone Caller ID and Notebook Software
Publisher: Yanzhong Gui - 2005-01-07
Type: Shareware
Price: 24.95 $
 Calls Professional Client 2.0
Calls Professional Client
Program for administration and billing of calls for Siemens PBX telephone system
Publisher: InterAkt Co. d.o.o. - 2005-07-01
Type: Shareware
Price: 89.95 $
 Calls Professional Suite 2.0
Calls Professional Suite
Program for administration and billing of calls for Siemens PBX telephone system
Publisher: InterAkt Co. d.o.o. - 2005-07-01
Type: Shareware
Price: 600 $
 CallTTY TDD software 2.30
CallTTY TDD software
A program to communicate with phone TTY/TDD devices via a sound card or Skype
Publisher: DXsoft - 2009-10-29
Type: Shareware
Price: 25 $
 Carousel Telephony Adapter 1.00
Carousel Telephony Adapter
Connect VoIP calls to ordinary telephone lines and vice versa
Publisher: NCH Software - 2006-09-18
Type: Freeware
Price: 0 $
 CTI Data Connector 2.4
CTI Data Connector
CTI Client and Middleware - connects applications - databases - phone systems
Publisher: Mirage Computer Systems GmbH - 2006-04-01
Type: Shareware
Price: 55 $
 CTI Recorder 1.0
CTI Recorder
This program records phone calls on Siemens Hipath PBX exchanges.
Publisher: InterAkt Co. d.o.o. - 2005-11-01
Type: Shareware
Price: 549 $
 damaka 2.0
damaka - Secure & free phone/video calls, voicemail, conferencing, file transfer
Publisher: damaka, inc. - 2006-01-11
Type: Freeware
Price: 0 $
 Dekart SIM Explorer 1.2
Dekart SIM Explorer
SIM card processing software to view and edit SIM card contents
Publisher: Dekart - 2008-12-11
Type: Commercial
Price: 699 $
 Dekart SIM Manager 2.22
Dekart SIM Manager
Mobile SIM card management software - create, edit and backup phonebook
Publisher: Dekart - 2008-04-11
Type: Shareware
Price: 29 $
 E-Phone 1.0
Ephone allows you to signup to ipcall2phone and make unlimited US calls.
Publisher: Xtreme Networks, Inc - 2006-11-30
Type: Freeware
Price: 0 $
 easyvoiprecorder 1.2
Its a small computer application to record VOIP softphones conversations
Publisher: EasyVoipRecorder - 2007-10-16
Type: Shareware
Price: 19.99 $
 Express Dial Telephone Dialer 2.01
Express Dial Telephone Dialer
Telephone dialer and predictive dialer for VoIP or Standard lines
Publisher: NCH Software - 2009-10-08
Type: Shareware
Price: 49.99 $
 Express Talk Business VoIP Softphone 4.10
Internet phone to make calls using your PC
Publisher: NCH Software - 2010-08-09
Type: Shareware
Price: 49.99 $
 Express Talk VoIP Softphone 4.10
Express Talk VoIP Softphone
Internet phone to make calls using your PC
Publisher: NCH Software - 2010-08-09
Type: Shareware
Price: 49.99 $
 Fonawy Standard 2.30
Fonawy Standard
Call recorder, Answering machine, Caller ID, Dialer, and Phone book software
Publisher: Mewsoft - 2009-10-02
Type: Freeware
Price: 0 $
 Gate-and-Way Voice 2.2
Gate-and-Way Voice
Automatic voice autoresponder. Simple and configurable.
Publisher: Gate-and-Way - 2004-05-11
Type: Shareware
Price: 49 $
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